Lotus began its operations in the year 1932, with the Boone family delivering home baked biscuits to different places in Belgium. Ever since, the family has turned the business into a world renowned bakery – Lotus Bakeries, with its operations in more than 25 countries worldwide, the Belgian bakery has become a global brand. The Lotus biscuits got world recognition, when its biscuits have been the often accompaniment in most airlines along with their coffees.

Many took note of the savoring and crunchy taste of the biscuits followed by expansion of production and distribution. With its penetration into the Kuwaiti market, for the last decade, the product has gained immense popularity among the Kuwaiti market.

This saw the birth of Lotus Corner – a café dedicated to bringing you the true essence of the world’s most popular speculoos. Most of the items on the dish consists of Lotus biscuits or spread as a major ingredient.